Not exactly a weed-for-all free-for-all

Midnight on Oct. 1 marked another milestone for Oregon’s legal weed. Medical marijuana dispensaries are now authorized to sell up to a quarter ounce of recreational marijuana to customers 21 years and older.

When the measure to legalize marijuana went into effect on July 1, one of the biggest roadblocks was a lack of legislation from Oregon Liquor Control Commission stipulating how exactly to procure legal recreational weed. In short, you could have it—but you couldn’t buy it or sell it.

The OLCC’s current solution is to allow medical dispensaries to sell up to 7 grams of recreational pot.

As a public institution, Portland State is not on board with this legal weed frontier. Weed is still federally illegal, and PSU receives federal funding.

In July, Dean of Student Life Michele Toppe and Associate Vice President for Human Resources Shana Sechrist released a statement through PSU’s Office of University Communications outlining the university’s continued prohibition of marijuana.

“PSU must comply with the federal Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act and the federal Drug-Free Workplace Act,” Toppe and Sechrist said in the statement. “Failure to comply with federal laws and regulations regarding marijuana would jeopardize PSU’s continued receipt of federal funds, including students’ eligibility to receive certain types of federal financial aid.”

The 411 on 420

Does the legal weed prohibition apply to everyone on campus?

Yes. PSU students, faculty, staff, non-students and guests are all subject to the prohibition when on campus.

What happens if a student gets caught on campus with weed?

This is a violation of PSU’s alcohol and drug-free policy, which states that you can be expelled from PSU and possibly referred for legal prosecution. The school may also refer you to a rehab program.

FYI—this includes your vehicle when it’s on PSU property.

If you are convicted of any kind of criminal drug statute on or off campus, you’ll be ineligible for federal financial aid.

Do these rules apply to medicinal marijuana cardholders?

Yes. Medical marijuana is also prohibited on campus for the same reasons as recreational. While medicinal marijuana is legal in Oregon, it’s federal status is still in transition.

What about products you don’t smoke? Tinctures, oils, topicals, edibles, wax, dabs, etcetera?

These are off-limits as well. Any products that contain THC—i.e. produce mind-altering effects—are included in PSU’s continued prohibition.

PSU’s full Alcohol and Drug-Free University Policy is available here.

Responses to marijuana FAQ’s can be found at here.