Not your mamma’s cup of tea

Omnimom and Sugar Pussy
SW Burnside and 3rd
Tonight – $4, $3 w/can of food

How long has it been since you’ve been to a show that you probably wouldn’t tell your mama about?

For those looking some sexy entertainment that’s both empowering and lusciously exciting, Danzine has just the thing for you. Danzine is a non-profit agency “created by and for women in the biz.” They also put out zines that are smart and hot.

This time they have put together a night of rock n’ roll combined with a benefit and canned-food drive that has the potential to rock your last weekend of freedom before finals come knocking on your sorry door.

Omnimom and Sugar Pussy (I hear Sugarpussy is a mom-and-pop kind of group) will play at Dante’s tonight. These local bands will jam to help Danzine continue to be activists for women in the sex industry, and to keep putting out literature to enlighten minds like yours. And your mama? Well she doesn’t need to know everything you do.

If you really need a hook to get on over there ’cause you’ve still got your blouse buttoned all the way to the neck, first, call them, because you will get an answering machine telling you about upcoming events by a woman with a voice like maple syrup – warm like your mamma’s, and yummy like nothing else you’ve ever known.

Then, check out their hot Web site. It is informative, together and intelligent. Find out about the upcoming events like the live band/strip show on April 1. These are some rare people who know how to balance style with intellect.

I had the chance to talk to that lovely voice on the phone, and she was able to tell me a little more about what’s going on Friday.

She said that, most importantly, the environment will be chill, considering that some of the band members work for Danzine. It will be prosperous for the community (hopefully). And when I asked about the attendees, she said, “We always have a really cute audience.”

For $3 (with a can of food) admission to a sight-for-sore-eyes kind of event, it’s hard to beat this deal.

The can of food is for a local organization called WIAR (Women’s Inner-community AIDS Resource) that does fabulous work in Portland assisting women that are at-risk for, or have, HIV/AIDS.