Now that you’re done…

Here are some tips on what to do now that you’ve graduated, fromyour friends at PSU:

Art Chenoweth, PSU student, Vanguard writer:
1. Get tasered by Campus Public Safety.
2. Take a shower in Salmon Street Springs.
3. Give a peanut in its shell to a Park Block squirrel and see whatit does with it.
4. Take a nap on the steps of the Honors Building.

Jud Randall, publications advisor at PSU:
1. Say something nice to:
a. a screaming Park Blocks preacher
b. a petition signature gatherer
c. a Republican
d. the bookstore textbook buyer
-even though you don’t mean it.
2. Write a 14-word essay on what George W. Bush meant when he saidwe would destroy the “Abu G-g-g-a-rub prison.”
3. Pick up a Vanguard. It’s great for washing windows after you’veread it.
4. Argue about obverse reductionist theory in the postmodernmilieu. It’s your last chance.

Lorraine Mercer, English professor:
1.Get some sleep – a lot of sleep – sleep like some princess in afairy tale. You need your rest to start out with a clean slate.
2. Eat a lot of vegetables – broccoli is good. It will helpreplenish those brain cell supplies.
3. Now that you are done with your formal education, start on theinformal – travel, write, be creative in any way you like,especially in your work.
4. Most importantly, register to vote and exercise your right andyour responsibility to do so at every chance.

Carrie Anderson and Student I.D. staff:
1. Consensus is the absence of leadership.
2. Don’t play leapfrog with unicorns.
3. The best career advice given to the young is, “Find out what youlike doing best and get someone to pay you for doing it.”
4. Don’t wear anything under your gown.