Now that’s funny

When you think internet comedy, you probably think of inane top 10 lists forwarded to you by friends or a web site that features a flash animation George Bush dancing like a monkey. And while, frankly, that is the kind of comedy that dominates the net, there are definitely a lot of legitimately funny comedy sites on the world wide web.

What follows is a list of the good, the bad and the downright disgusting internet comedy sites:

This site prides itself on being disgusting, rude and misogynistic. Features include dumb folk songs about gallons of pee, and poems dedicated to women with smelly you-know-what’s. Touchpants is pretty juvenile, but it definitely uses the censor-free net to its full advantage, hitting every taboo imaginable.

Touchpants had a link to this site run by a jerky ex-law student who writes blog entries about his drinking and sex exploits. Because Max has a sense of humor about his boorish behavior, the site isn’t unbearable, but the entries really leave the “I got really drunk and -” model. The site received a lot of press for Max’s tale of his affair with Miss Vermont, Katy Johnson, a tale that got him sued for defamation of character by the Miss America hopeful.

Pretty self-explanatory.

This site features mock viruses like the Adam and Eve virus that “takes a couple of bytes out of your Apple” and the AT&T virus that tells you “every three minutes what great service you’re getting.”

The only funny video I could find on this site was one called “Mario Mishaps” that depicts what would happen if Mario really did some of things he does in the game, like jumping on an axe to send King Koopa into the lava. The rest of the videos are of things like really good ping-pong players and dogs that skateboard.

This site is devoted to fake “random facts” about Chuck Norris, like “When Chuck Norris’ shit hits the fan, the fan breaks.” With viewers submitting many of the “facts,” there is an endless supply of absurd humor involving Chuck Norris, his penis and his legendary roundhouse kicks.

This site is by far the best internet comedy site I found. Featuring the talents of SNL newbie Andy Samberg (this is what he worked on pre-SNL), the site is full of pretty funny parodies, including a hilarious “O.C.” parody called “The ‘Bu” and a cartoon short that uses old Nintendo games to depict the murderous exploits of a cocky ninja. For anyone who loved the “Lazy Sunday” short on SNL that featured Samberg and Chris Parnell, this site is for you.

The site is run by Maddox, a self-described “angry pirate” who writes hate-filled essays about everything from stupid video games to snobby girls. One of the site’s funniest features is Maddox’s replies to the hate mail he receives. He spends paragraph after paragraph explaining why whoever sent the e-mail is wrong, stupid and hypocritical and why he, Maddox, is right, intelligent and righteous.