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Only have a few minutes? Grab a quick bite at one of PDX’s famous food carts

Only have a few minutes? Grab a quick bite at one of PDX’s famous food carts

Asian Noodle
Between Cramer Hall and Lincoln Hall
The highlight of this new-to-Portland State cart is the portion size. The sweet-potato noodles with tofu are fantastic and could easily feed two people. The Bahn mi sandwich, with its flakey, soft bread, delicious pork, crisp veggies and a spicy sauce rival any similar sandwich in town. To make it better, everything is under $5.

Basha’s Mediterranean Cuisine
PSU Park Blocks, across from Neuberger Hall
One of PSU’s favorite, Basha’s specializes in hummus and falafel. Try the falafel sandwich for $4.50, a pita filled with veggies, pickles, hummus and two scoops of falafel. The combo plates are fantastic, but can be a bit pricier, ranging from $5 to $7.

Southwest Hall Street and
Fourth Avenue
If you’re a fan of curries, Boonrod has plenty. Otherwise, though, most of the dishes are a little lackluster. The Pad Thai is decent and cheap, and you can choose how spicy you want it. The people are nice, but the food can be rather bland, and the portions can leave you wanting more.

D&N Thai
Southwest Market Street and Fifth Avenue
By far the best Thai cart in town. Massive portions and more-than-reasonable prices (everything is about $5) make this cart filling and affordable. On top of that, you get a free water bottle with your meal. Try the Pad See Eaw.

Healthy Asian Grill
PSU Park Blocks, across from Smith Memorial Student Union
Good Asian dishes that—despite the cart’s name—probably aren’t all that great for you. Most dishes include rice and are pretty flavorful, but the cart lacks variety. Try the Orange Chicken.

New Taste of India
Southwest Hall Street and
Fourth Avenue
New to Indian food? Break the seal with New Taste of India. Sure, it’s one of the more expensive carts near PSU, but the food is so damn good, it’s worth it. Try the Chicken Masala with a side of Naan to start, and then branch out from there.

Saigon Kitchen
Southwest Montgomery Street and 10th Avenue
Southwest Hall Street and Fourth Avenue
The sauces are the highlight of this chain, which opened its second location on campus this year. The peanut sauce makes any of the dishes taste sweet, but not overtly so. Everything is under $5.

Sawasdee Thai Food
Southwest Alder Street and Ninth Avenue
With meals that cost an average of $6, Sawasdee Thai has the perfect combination of great tastes and great price. While the food isn’t mind-blowing, it’s still good, and the serving sizes make for a solid meal.

Taqueria Villanueva
Southwest Hall Street and Fourth Avenue
Almost anything that comes out of this cart will taste good. The burritos (about $4) have the right combination of meat and beans, while the tacos are inexpensive and always taste great.

Ziba’s Pitas
Southwest Alder Street and Ninth Avenue
Craving traditional Bosnian food? No? Well after eating at Ziba’s Pitas, you will be. This cart is one of the best in town and the food—served with love by Ziba herself—is delicious. The pitas are made into a flakey pastry with the ingredients stuffed inside, and if you buy a full plate (only $6), it comes with cucumber salad and delicious red sauce. One word of advice: If you’re a meat eater, go earlier in the day. The fantastic meat pitas tend to get eaten up quickly, and once the day’s supply is gone, you are out of luck.