Oregon Elections Results 2010


John Kitzhaber (D)


John Kitzhaber (D)


Ron Wyden (D)


District 1: David Wu (D)

District 2: Greg Walden (R)

District 3: Earl Blumenauer (D)

District 4: Peter A. Defazio (D)

District 5: Kurt Schrader (D)


Measure 70: YES

(Expands availability of home loans for veterans)

Measure 71: YES

(Requires the legislature to meet annually instead of every other year)

Measure 72: YES

(Authorizes lowest-cost borrowing for the state’s real and personal property projects)

Measure 73: YES

(Requires an increased minimum sentence for sex crimes and repeat DUIs)

Measure 74: NO

(State to license marijuana farmers who can distribute crop to medical marijuana dispensaries)

Measure 75: NO

(Authorizes Multnomah County Casino)

Measure 76: YES

(Renews dedication of 15 percent of lottery proceeds to parks and natural resources)

Measure 26-108: NO

(Continues Portland’s publicly funded

campaign system)

Measure 26-114: YES

(Allows the Multnomah County Board of Commissioners to set a date for a future election to vote on creating a library district)

Measure 26-118: YES

(Allows Multnomah County to implement a five-year property tax rate increase that will fund operations of the Oregon Historical Society Museum and Library)

Measure 26-119: NO

(Allows TriMet to improve access and