Oregon University System Chancellor resigns

Oregon University System (OUS) Chancellor Richard S. Jarvis resigned at an afternoon meeting of the State Board of Higher Education yesterday.

The Board accepted the news “with regret,” acknowledging Jarvis’ contributions to OUS during the nearly two years he served the System. Jarvis’ resignation will be effective June 30

Board President Neil Goldschmidt explained that the “Board is setting a new direction from that pursued by the previous leadership who retained the Chancellor. Richard wants the Board to have the freedom to pursue that course under an administrative structure that best serves the Governor’s revitalized mission.”

Jarvis echoed Goldsmidt’s sentiment, acknowledging that “the divergence of the Board’s new mission from that of the previous Board created a mismatch.” Thus, his decision to leave was “a wise choice for me and for the System, giving each of us the opportunity to find the best fit for ourselves,” he said.

Jarvis’ departure comes after a stint of service with OUS that took place during a period of several budget reductions and growth of enrollment at the many campuses. In a memo regarding his resignation, Jarvis gave a heartfelt thanks to his OUS staff for all their hard work during the difficult legislative session, adding, “… we all have the scars to show for it.”

When speaking of Jarvis’ time with the board, Goldschmidt said that “the System has benefited from the contributions and sound administrative oversight of Chancellor Jarvis during his tenure with OUS.”

Jarvis began his career in 1974 at the State University of New York before moving on to become the chancellor of the University and Community College System of Nevada in 1994. In 1999 he became the chancellor of the online US Open University. Jarvis taught freshman level physical geography at PSU and Western Oregon University during his stint as chancellor of the Oregon University System.

Now looking to the future, Jarvis, a Cambridge University graduate, hopes to acquire a public higher education leadership position that will be better suited to his experience and goals.