Oregon’s election results

Oregon’s election results, byoffice:

United States Senator: Ron Wyden
Ron Wyden (D): 64%
Al King (R): 31%

Representative in Congress, 1st District: David Wu
David Wu (D): 59%
Goli Ameri (R): 37%

Representative in Congress, 2nd District: Greg Walden
Greg Walden (R): 71%
John C. McColgan (D): 27%

Representative in Congress, 3rd District: Earl Blumenauer
Earl Blumenauer (D): 74%
Tami Mars (R): 21%

Representative in Congress, 4th District: Peter A. DeFazio
Peter A. DeFazio (D): 61%
Jim Feldkamp (R): 38%

Representative in Congress, 5th District: Darlene Hooley
Darlene Hooley (D): 55%
Jim Zupancic (R): 43%

Secretary of State: Bill Bradbury
Bill Bradbury (D): 59%
Betsy Close (R): 38%

State Treasurer: Randall Edwards
Randall Edwards (D): 55%
Jeff Caton (R): 39%

Attorney General: Hardy Myers
Hardy Myers (D): 56%
Paul Connoly (R): 39%

Measure by Measure
The results for Oregon’s ballot measures, with 68 percent ofprecincts reporting:

Measure 31: Pass
Yes: 65%
No: 35%
What it is: Amends the Oregon Constitution to authorize a lawpermitting the postponement of election for public offices when acandidate for office dies.

Measure 32: Pass
Yes: 62%
No: 38%
What it is: Amends the Oregon Constitution to delete references tomobile homes from taxes and fees for motor vehicles.

Measure 33: Fail
Yes: 42%
No: 58%
What it is: Would have required counties to establish marijuanadispensaries to supply recipients of medical marijuana. Also wouldhave raised the legal marijuana possession limit for medicalmarijuana recipients.

Measure 34: Fail
Yes: 39%
No: 61%
What it is: Would have required the state to protect at least 50percent of the Tillamook and Clatsop forests from logging.

Measure 35: Too close to call
Yes: 50%
No: 50%
What it is: Would amend the Oregon Constitution to limit possibledamages in medical malpractice lawsuits.

Measure 36: Pass
Yes: 56%
No: 44%
What it is: Amends the Oregon Constitution to define marriage asbetween one man and one woman.

Measure 37: Pass
Yes: 59%
No: 41%
What it is: Requires the state to compensate property owners whenland use restrictions cause their property value to be reduced.

Measure 38: Fail
Yes: 38%
What it is: Would have abolished SAIF, the state’s worker’scompensation insurance provider.

Multnomah County Measure 26-64: Fail
Yes: 47%
No: 53%
What it is: Would have repealed Multnomah County Income Taxincrease for school funding.