Play Kickball at home!

Cuter than birds pooping huckleberry, I present Kickball, your new favorite band. Like most of the sincere and honest bands in the Northwest, they come from Olympia. Although they have misgivings about being lumped into the same pile of that classic Olympia sound (the Microphones, Mirah, Halo Benders, etc -) they do breathe the same breath. However, they’ve added a new twist to the sound and are getting more abstract and heavy with each album. The band is made of three nice people, Jacob (dances funny while playing), Adam (cool, calm and coherent), and Drummer (probably the most inventive drummer in the world). I pulled some random corporate interview questions from the intra-web and sent them ahead for Kickball to answer. Lets see how they did.


What do you want to do with your life?

Lots. Tangle it up in a ball of yarn and then let the kitties at it, and

then untangle it and stretch it across the Atlantic.


Do you have any actual work experience?

Farmer; bank teller; newspaper delivery; caretaker; field entomologist; dorm janitor; library assistant.


How would you describe your ideal job?

Personal assistant to the band Mt. Gigantic []


How do you evaluate success?

Are you happy? Do you feel fulfilled? Is your bike in good working order? Does your cat purr when you pet its belly? Is your French toast made with real butter, and perfectly crispy?


Are you a team player?

Some of us played little league baseball or softball as youths.


Why should I hire you?

We’ll make you some contagious sex and abstinence themed music.


Do you have any location preferences?

NYC, Japan, or Bordeaux.


Are you willing to travel? How much?

Willing? We never stop traveling. One to three members of our group are traveling at any specific moment in time. How much? We’ll travel to infinity and back, especially if there are real bagels, lots of gas stations and Mt. Gigantic on the way.


Is money important to you?

It’s not really a concern ever since we hit it big with the Houseopolis Records stock that we bought back in ’02.


How much money do you need to make to be happy?

No matter how much money we make, we’ll always be Kickball, and that’s all that will ever matter.