Please fund OSPIRG

I was disappointed at the SFC’s recent decision to de-fund OSPIRG here at Portland State University. I’m writing to let you know that I support OSPIRG and see no reason not to fund them at last year’s level.

I transferred to PSU because I felt that it is a progressive university which values student activism on all levels. As the motto states, “Let knowledge serve the city.” I feel that OSPIRG makes the students at PSU better leaders as well as better citizens. They fight for what they believe in and do a good job at it. The immense amount of dedication that the students show to their work teaches so many “real world” skills through organizing campaigns, like Hunger and Homelessness, and events like the Arctic call-in day. OSPIRG also provides an atmosphere for PSU students to work with students at other campuses – on a statewide board – to choose statewide campaign and dictate the statewide budget. These types of opportunity produce skills, which only prepare students for the “real world.”

I kindly ask you as well as the rest of the SFC to reconsider your initial decision and fully fund OSPIRG at Portland State.

Ben Wessel, junior, sociology