Portland’s Marriage Records celebrates some new music

This Saturday at the Town Lounge, Marriage Records is celebrating the release of some new records: Idle Idol from Andrew Kaffer and Kansasauna from Drakkar Sauna. What’s more fun than buying an indie rock record from a local label? Well, being the first on your block to own the record after buying it at a release party where the band that recorded it was playing, of course. What’s great about this kind of fun is that you are putting your hard-earned proletarian dollars back into the local music scene by giving it to the likes of local label Marriage Records. Both Kaffer and Drakkar Sauna will be playing some stripped-down indie rock yumminess.


Andrew Kaffer has a folksy natural aesthetic that he tempers with some laptop tweaks.  One of his tracks, “The Faubion Stomp,” is offered at www.marriagerecs.com as a little morsel from his new project.  If it is a good representation of his entire album then one can expect a sort of loose funkiness combined with some fine guitar and bizarre treats. Drakkar Sauna is from that Midwestern oasis of oddity, Lawrence, Kan. The tracks I have heard from their last album point towards a kind of amicable indie folk that is easy to relate to due to all the nice references to stuff you know about. Their sound will blend nicely with Kaffer’s. This is the kind of show where I’d like to drink a cup of tea. Maybe I will. The dark horse in this mix however is the debut of a band called Privacy. There seems to be very little to be gleaned from my paltry internet research as to what this band is all about. So, at this event you not only get good tea-drinking music but you get a surprise. I only hope it’s a good one.