President Daniel Bernstine

President Daniel BernstineAs president of the university, Bernstine is at the center of the operations at Portland State University. Bernstine was appointed president of PSU in 1997. Before coming to PSU, Bernstine served as dean of the University of Wisconsin Law school for seven years. He also served as general council of Howard University and as interim dean of Howard University Law School.

President Bernstine values the urban location of PSU that allows students to get real world experience while contributing to the city of Portland. The connection between the university and the city of Portland is a vital bond that Bernstine supports.

On the PSU Web site, Bernstine writes: “Our motto reflects an important part of my vision for Portland State–a university so thoroughly engaged with its community that people throughout the region refer to it as “our university.” Portland mayor Vera Katz and I believe that a “great city and a great university” go hand in hand.

The University has coined the term, “Metropolitan Collaborative Model,” to describe our efforts to build this greatness together through alliances with educational, cultural, civic, social, business, and high tech partners. Using this model to guide us, I envision a future physical and intellectual landscape that encourages the free flow of talents and resources between the University and the community.”

Due to last week’s events, we were unable to contact Bernstine for questioning.