Proposal to increase student worker wage to $15 on ballot

Proposal Text

Title: Recommend that the PSU Board of Trustees increase the minimum wage for all PSU campus workers to $15 per hour.

Be it resolved that the ASPSU Student Senate places the following question to the students on the spring 2017 Student Body Election ballot:

Shall ASPSU recommend to the University President and the PSU Board of Trustees to increase the minimum wage to $15 for all campus workers?

Statement from 15NowPSU

PSU students have the opportunity to send a powerful message to the president and Board of Trustees: Pay a living wage to thousands of campus workers, so they can afford rent and not have to stand in the food pantry line. If the president and trustees can pay 46 top administrators over $50 per hour, and raise hundreds of millions for new buildings, they can carve out $3.5 million to end PSU poverty.


American Association of University Professors—PSU, Portland State University Faculty Association, Service Employees International Union Local 49, Graduate Employees Union of Portland State University (AFT/AAUP), Engage PSU, American Federation of State County and Municipal Employees Local 1336

Statements Against

Opposing statements against the bill were absent as far as the Vanguard could tell. However, students that have questions or concerns about the measure and the $15 wage movement in general are urged to conduct research through the internet or library on the matter.