Purple lips on purpose

This season has seen some major trends in the makeup world.

This season has seen some major trends in the makeup world. From Chanel’s khaki nail polish line to purple lipstick dominating fall runway collections, now is the perfect time to go bold and experiment with different looks. Purple is huge this season, and is a fun way to play up your makeup by testing different shades and branching out beyond the normal black or brown. Here are some ideas on achieving these looks without paying for the designer products.

The simplest way to dramatically mix up your makeup routine is by changing the color of your lipstick. It may seem weird at first, but purple is the new red this season. You’ll need to find a shade that’s right for you, but there are plenty of options available. From lighter shades like the brand new “Courting Lilac” to pinky purples such as “Rebel” or the really daring deep eggplant shades of “Cyber”—all by MAC—anyone can pull off this trend. These lipsticks run about $14.50, and they’re a nice change from the ordinary rosy hues that most people sport.

However, if you do go purple, lip liner is a must. These colors are definitely no longer pretty when they’re smeared around on your face. Deep shades of purple lipstick can also be topped off with a clear gloss to soften the impact a little. If you decide to go with a bold lip, you’ll want to tone down the rest of your makeup. Eyeliner with mascara is the perfect finish to complete this look.

If you’re interested in trying out purple lipstick but aren’t sure you want to commit to buying a whole tube, you can “substitute” the look to see how you feel about it. If you have purple eye shadow lying around, put that on your lips and then top it off with a clear lipgloss. Then you can get an idea of what it will look like without trekking over to the MAC store—although that’s plenty of fun, too!

On the other hand, if you don’t have any purple eye shadow, you should definitely get some for its intended purpose. Again, you’ll want to make this the focus by keeping a nude lip and accenting with dark eyeliner and mascara. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to play around with different shades of purple, “Berries and Cream Eye Enhancers” by Covergirl ($5) or “Electrified HiP Studio Secrets Professional Metallic Duos” by L’Oréal Paris ($8) both provide lighter and darker shades in one set, so that you can play with a variety of combinations to find the perfect look. I would avoid using purple eyeliner and going monochromatic; black or brown provides a nice contrast.

If wearing purple on your face still seems too scary for you, then try it on your nails. “Kelly” is the brand new must-have color by Zoya—it’s a grayish purple and a great pseudo-neutral, meaning you can wear it with anything.

Chanel’s khaki collection has also become extremely popular this season. However, if you are not willing to spend $25 dollars on a bottle of nail polish, then “Over the Taupe” by OPI is a nice alternative available at under $10. The last color you should add to your collection is a jade. “Go on Green” by OPI is a lighter version while their “Cuckoo for this Color” is a slightly darker option.

This season, think purple as you pick out new makeup products to try. Done tastefully, this bold choice adds excitement, as it deviates from the norm to create a trendy look. Purple is a very powerful and majestic color, and those feelings can’t help but rub off on the wearer who is brave enough to sport them. Don’t shy away because you don’t think you could pull off such a bold color—chances are you will surprise yourself. ?