Rainy season fun

Just in time for the rainy season, Portland State’s OutdoorProgram (ODP) is kicking off its new season of affordable, fun and,most importantly, outdoor activities. Established in 1966, the ODPis entering its 38th year and is in no danger of slowing down. Theyenter the fall term with a full roster of trips planned to avariety of destinations, with beginners in mind.

What they’ve got lined up
The first trip heads off to backpack the Redwoods National Park inNorthern California on October 8th and lasts through the 10th. Thecost is $74. Sign up by noon October 5th to secure your spot. Amore local trip is planned for that same weekend. For $64, climb inthe Columbia Gorge and raft down the Deschutes River if you can’tafford to miss a day of school. In November there will be akayaking seminar, which will include training in the Stott Centerpool. After the ODP trip leaders have trained you on the basics,you’ll go on three-day trips to local rivers to test your stuff.The cost is $152 and the registration deadline is noon on November2nd.

If you are strapped for cash like most students, there is a daytrip planned to Mount St. Helens that costs $14. The trip, whichincludes exploring eight lava caves, is planned for November 7th.For more details, contact their office at 503-725-5668 or visitwith staff in person in Room 114 on the ground level of SmithMemorial Student Union, across from the gift store.

How to get away on your own
The Outdoor Program also offers rental equipment at cut-rateprices. All of your outdoor needs are covered, whether you requirea thermal sleeping bag or a kayak, the good folks of the ODP arethere to hook you up. Check out their web site at www.odp.pdx.eduto get the full scoop on just how much is available to students.It’s an impressive list, especially given the pittance you will payto use the gear.

Though the ODP office, staff is more than willing to answer yourquestions and sign you up for trips they cannot rent equipment. Toreserve the equipment you want, call the Equipment Center up tofive days in advance to place your order, but be prepared to pay infull. If you have to cancel your rental for any reason, be sure todo so 48 hours in advance to secure a full refund. The EquipmentCenter can be reached at 503- 725-2637 for more information.

Conquering the rock
The rock wall in the Stott Center is also maintained by theODP.

To climb, you must pass a belay test and become certified. Ifyou don’t have experience and need training there is a $5 belayschool offered by the ODP that meets on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at5 and 6 p.m. and Saturdays at 12 p.m.

The wall is open from 3 to 9 p.m. Monday through Friday and noonto 4 p.m. on Saturday. Costs for students are $5 per day and $15per month. A term pass may also be purchased for $30. If you are adiehard climber, a $100 pass lets you climb all year long.

For more information ask for Jon at the main ODP office or callthe Climbing Center at 503-725-6807. You can check out thefacilities in first hand and chat with a staff member at Room 108in the Stott Center.

Sign up prime time
For those of you now convinced to sign up for the latest ODPadventure, you will have to wait until the first week of schoolsince the majority of the ODP staff is on vacation, getting marriedor, well, just not there. Can you blame them? Running the OutdoorProgram is tough work, and even these guys deserve a breaksometime.

But rest assured, future hikers, campers and rafters, theOutdoor Program will return to regular operating hours on September27th, just in time for the first week of school.