Rearguard has history, too

Your 2-page display article on Vanguard history was interesting. Hopefully, this year’s Vanguard will be as vigilant as Vanguard was in the 1970s when one woman editor championed kicking CIA recruiters off campus.

The rearguard, PSU’s alternative newspaper, also has a history. I founded, edited, funded/ fundraised and copied at Kinko’s, the five quarterly issues of the 32-page Rearguard newsletter when it was an anti-apartheid, anti-gulf war publication. Students had to hunt for the 200-300 copies we could afford to publish on Kinko’s midnight – 6 a.m. half-price copying rate.

I’m glad to see the current Rearguard capably edited by Dimitris Desyllas and funded as a regular monthly by the university. As a returning grad student, I’m hopeful the Vanguard will live up to its name.

Lew Church, GTEP Program, Education