Get fit guide: Get healthy or die trying

Getting a healthy start to the year after the holidays can be a challenge, but Vanguard writer Chris May offers a few tips on how to get healthy with some great campus resources available to students and staff.

The holiday season, that magical time where ritualistic traditions are debased by consumerism, and we arbitrarily ascribe so much meaning and significance to a single day or two that, in our anxiety, we lose sight of the original values those special days were supposed to reinforce, is over!

Say goodbye to worrying about finding the perfect gift or having someone pretty to kiss at midnight, and say hello to worrying about getting rid of that Christmas butt before Valentine’s Day so you can give the perfect gift to that pretty person you want to kiss!

If you need a little extra motivation besides the zombie promises you brought back from last year, you’re in luck. Portland State has countless activities, clubs, resources, and other creative ways of tricking you into thinking you’re having fun while you’re becoming harder, better, faster, stronger. Here’s a quick rundown:

Rec Clubs

Rec Clubs are student-led programs that represent all kinds of sports, games, and other physical activities. Don’t see that Underwater Basket Weaving club you were hoping for? Find some like-minded individuals and start it yourself!

Intramural Sports

Think sports leagues. Not as hardcore as joining the football team, intramurals provide a more structured and competitive recreational alternative to drop-in sports available elsewhere. Open to all skill levels! Winter leagues include indoor soccer, basketball, and floor hockey. Whether you already have a team or want to be put on one, you can register at Member Services in the Academic Student and Recreation Center ($50/team; $5/free agent).

Weights + Cardio

Want to pump some iron or try various versions of hamster wheels designed for humans but have no idea what you’re doing? Fear not, there are plenty of instructional videos available to help you familiarize yourself before you even enter the locker room.

Free weightlifting workshops are available for all: boys and girls, Olympians and mortals. Still confused? Contact Ric Newell for a free guided tour and instruction on basic fitness concepts, as well as how to use various pieces of equipment.

Personal training sessions are also available for you (or you and a buddy) at rates that are a lot cheaper than most other gyms.

Women on Weights: Mondays and Fridays, 9–10 a.m. Meet at the desk in the weight room.

Olympic Lifting Workshops: Times vary; meet in the weight room by the platforms.

Outdoor Program

Climb stuff! Rent gear to go on adventures! Go on trips to cool places with people who know what they’re doing, with food/gear/transportation all included in the modest fees which are partly-subsidized by the tuition you’re already paying anyway!

For gear rentals or to inquire about group trips, check the ODP page or visit their office in the corner of the ASRC building, around the corner from the Bike Hub.

The climbing center is on the second floor of ASRC. Watch a short video, fill out some forms, get a bracelet, and climb to your heart’s content!

Group X

Yoga, swimming, spin classes, dancing! To explore the possibilities check out the master schedule for all the information you could ever want about times, locations, events, and hours.