Redshirt conversation

Growing up, I didn퀌_t know who the Ducks or Beavers were, or any NFL teams, but I knew the Vikings,퀌� Garrett Hanson says. 퀌�I grew up idolizing these guys, and now I퀌_m one of them. Some guys here have dreams of playing for Division 1-A school, and I dreamed of being a Viking. So when I got the call, I was excited. And I퀌_m grateful for the opportunity to play here.퀌�

Garrett퀌_s father, Bill Hanson, was a linebacker for the Vikings from 1972 to 1976, which explains why Garrett been a Viking fan his whole life. But that퀌_s not his only connection to PSU.

His brother, Nolan, is a receiver in the Viking football program, but has suffered ACL injuries in both knees in consecutive years that have kept him on the sidelines. His sister and mother are also Portland State grads. That makes Garrett the fifth Hanson to attend PSU.

As a redshirt freshman quarterback this year, his mantra is 퀌�get it down, get it down, get it down.퀌� He looks at this year as a period of learning, and also sees it as a time to build physical as well as mental speed.

퀌�In high school, I퀌_d drop back and wait for things to happen, and now I drop back and everything has already happened,퀌� he says. 퀌�Windows have opened and closed.퀌�

And he퀌_s constantly trying to improve.

퀌�I can never throw an accurate enough ball,퀌� Garret says. 퀌�I can never throw a ball hard enough.퀌�

Garrett holds to the philosophy that he has his whole life ahead of him to have fun and would rather focus now so he can relax and enjoy the finer things in life later. That퀌_s why he graduated from Beaverton High School with a 3.81 GPA.

While at Beaverton, he won the Metro League Championship his senior year, was named to the 2nd Team All Metro and was awarded Offensive Player of the Year. He was also the team captain.

And when it comes to school, he퀌_s just as focused as he is on the field.

퀌�I would just go home and get it (homework) done. If you concentrate on school, the work ends up not being that much. If you try to balance between friends, girlfriends, skipping, drugs and homework, it can be a lot. So I don퀌_t.퀌�

As for his college career ahead of him, he퀌_s not sure what his major will be. He says he has always wanted to be a police officer but also thinks that he might find his path in the business school. But more than anything he wants to learn new things and enjoy the college experience. Even the hazing part.

Like all freshman redshirts, he was forced to sing and entertain the older guys on the team, but also had wolverine stripes shaved into his hair by starting quarterback Joe Wiser. But because of the stress of being thrown into the mix without the traditional week of redshirt preparation (outlawed by NCAA this season), a section of his hair has yet to grow back.

And sorry, ladies, he퀌_s hopeful that his girlfriend will be joining him here at PSU this year.