Rock and roll, yo

Local Rock Showcase

Featuring Hyper Static Union, Wake, University, The Late Arrivals, Joint Venture, Brightwood and Red Eye Rhapsody

Friday, Oct. 24

Roseland Theater, 8 N.W. Sixth Ave.

8 p.m., all ages

Tickets: Roseland Grill

or 1-800-325-SEAT, $12

Reminiscing up close and personal with Simon and Garfunkel at the Rose Garden: $125.50. Giving yourself whiplash at the MTV2 Headbanger’s Ball Tour: $16.50. Seeing seven local bands kick it at the Local Rock Showcase this Friday: Priceless. Well, actually it’s $12. But, really, what a bargain. That averages out to $1.71 per band. For those of you not swayed by monetary concerns, maybe a little band info will do the trick. Here’s a (rather sketchy) synopsis of what the Local Rock Showcase has to offer.

Hyper Static Union

They have appeared on MTV and opened for bands such as Eve 6 and Better Than Ezra. Influenced by everyone from James Brown to the Foo Fighters, their sound is a fusion of funk, melody, guitars and vocals. Fun fact: Singer Shawn Lewis recently impressed Lenny Kravitz with his rendition of “Are You Gonna Go My Way?” Rock on, Shawn. For more information, visit


A Google search of this band turns up only a passing reference. “Pintong” says in an Oct. 25, 2002, blog posting that he liked Brightwood’s sound and that his ears “are ringing so loud right now.”


�� ��

Made up of five guys – Allen, Chey, Dave, Paul and Steve – who want to rock you out. They have been pumping out metal since 2000, and, according to their Web site, “we climb our insane asses off every day.” Visit to listen to the fruits of their labor,.

Joint Venture

This group of unknown genre shares its name with a Baltimore, Md., classic-rock cover band. “Freebird!”

The Late Arrivals

This much is known about the Late Arrivals: Band members have cool names like Matt Arson and Soda Popinski, and they write songs about women and Jesus. More information about this reggae-ska-punk-surf-rock band can be found at Features include photos, song lyrics and links to MP3s.

Red Eye Rhapsody, University

Not able to turn up any information about these bands, the average person is left to speculate. Red Eye Rhapsody could be a Cure-esque band that makes sad, beautiful music about the pain of loves lost, or it could be a bunch of dope-lovin’ Marley fans who sing about the ganja. Or it could be none of the above. University is harder. Sexy librarian types who turn into rock vixens on stage? Chess-club techno gods? Guess you’ll have to go to the show and find out.