Rose Richard

Spring is almost here, but it is not coming fast enough for me. Winter ennui has me wandering the aisles of psycho Safeway searching for carbohydrates and interesting diet foods. Guess what? Interesting diet foods don’t exist, except for Tofutti Cuties.

Here are some signs that spring is fast approaching.

It’s Girl Scout Cookie Time! Yesterday, I went to Safeway to buy some ramen, and a Girl Scout kneecapped me. She threatened to take my school books, so I was forced to buy two boxes.

I love Girl Scout cookies. They are what Communion wafers should taste like, instead of cardboard. Most varieties are so tasty, you want to eat the whole box right after you buy it. I think part of the appeal is that you can only buy them once a year. I don’t know about you, but I can’t afford to buy a year’s supply. Even if I could, I’d eat them within three months.

There is sun in the sky. There has been a bright shiny thing in the sky lately. I think it’s the sun, but I’m not sure because IT’S STILL COLD. I have, on each day that the sun has shone, worn sandals. Each day, my feet go numb, but I am stubborn and I hope some day the sun will come close enough to thaw my itty-bitty toes.

There’s also just enough sun that I don’t feel like going to class. Well, okay, I never feel like going to class and the sun adds to the feeling.

It’s time to register for class! About the only good thing about being a senior (beside the fact that you get to graduate at the end of the year) is that you get to register before everyone else. I got every class I wanted. Except one. My sophomore inquiry class. You see, there’s a “class restriction” on those. Who are they kidding? What senior would take a sophomore inquiry class if they didn’t have to?

I had to get one of those goldenrod sheets and march to the university studies office to get a little stamp, then back to Neuberger Hall to get the class added to my schedule. And I thought I’d never have to fill one of those out, ever again. Silly me.

Posters for graduation paraphernalia abound. I actually have to pay attention to those this year. I have to order all kinds of garbage for relatives far, far away. I’m sure these people will be shocked that I remembered them. Then they’ll be shocked that I’m actually finishing college. Maybe they’ll send me money.

The Winter Olympics are over I can’t say how glad I am the Olympics are over. What a fiasco. There was no sportsmanship or glory there, save for a few people who broke records or won without a controversy.

If I ever have to see anymore local news specials about Portland companies “sponsoring” athletes, it’ll be too soon. The focus should be the athletes, but I’ve already talked about that plenty.

So, spring isn’t really here yet. The trees are still leafless and it’s cold even when it’s sunny. The street preachers aren’t gathering sizeable crowds and they won’t until it warms up. There are three long weeks until this term is over and rain still clouds the sky on a very regular basis. My mood swings with the weather, up for sun down for rain. I predict that in three weeks maybe I’ll feel better.