S.F.C. Candidate Quinn Collett

Question One: What is your major, year in school, what do you want to do when you graduate (or grow up, whatever comes first)?

Question Two: What qualifies you and what characteristics would you bring to the senate that will make you a vital part of the SFC?

Question Three: What do you see as the most important aspect of the position you are applying for?

Quinn Collett

1. A junior in the mechanical engineering department here at PSU, after graduation I plan on obtaining my MBA and pursuing a job in the field of engineering, specifically turbo-machinery. Eventually I hope to start my own company in the field.

2. As a member of the SFC for the last three years, my knowledge of student government and all that it entails has increased tremendously. In previous years I have brought to the committee a well-balanced, non-partisan voice and represented the students and their dollar to my fullest abilities.

3. The SFC and its budget process are vital to the university. Full commitment to the SFC and knowledge of a working budget is necessary. I have proven I am capable and hope to continue to serve the student body.