Sandy Hut

1430 N.E. Sandy
(503) 235-7972

With plenty of atmosphere and a young crowd, The Sandy Hut invites you to take off your shoes and stay awhile.

Located at 14th and Northeast Sandy Boulevard, The Sandy Hut offers ample seating, pool and a list of local beers on tap.

The atmosphere is lively with more than enough lighting to see your drink and the person sitting across the room. The place is roomy enough to feel close to the action without feeling you’re in a bad episode of Star Trek; the one where Kirk looks out the window and there are people surrounding the Enterprise like some rip-off of Soylent Green.

The bar area was clean, though it may be inadvisable to suck the taps dry. The tables had been cleaned and shoes don’t stick to the floor. The men’s room was cleaner than many and better stocked than most.

The Hut offers the basics in bartainment, with darts, a single pool table and cable piped into the various televisions scattered about the room. The pool table may be a bit difficult to get on, but the televisions are easy to see from most of the floor.

The rear of the room seemed the best chance for finding new friends. The booths are large and comfortable, though the lighting does not lend to under-table intimacy.

The Sandy Hut, with its young crowd, roomy accommodations and beer is a good place to go with a group. Its proximity to the core makes it an excellent meeting place, close to downtown without the downtown price.