Sex shop advisory guide


When you go to a sex shop, you want to know in advance if they’ll have something right for you. After all, plucking up the courage to tell a complete stranger your anal bead preferences should have at least some tangible reward.

Whether you’re new or experienced with the sex shop scene, your shopping experience should be inclusive, accepting and ultimately sex-positive. Here’s a list of sex shops that are centered around catering to all people of all genders, tastes, kinks and more.

She Bop

She Bop is a woman-owned, female-friendly sex shop with a wide range of specialties, including “body-safe products and education for every body,” as stated in the shop manifesto. Inside She Bop is a mini-museum of delights, with antique vibrators and prototypes of sex toys from the ‘50s in display cases across the shop. Photography isn’t allowed inside, creating a safe and respectful space for those who might still feel a little weird perusing the extensive collection of dildos. With two locations across Portland and monthly sexuality-related workshops on a variety of topics, She Bop is accessible, friendly and likely to please.


With five locations across Portland, FANTASY prides itself on being the original “every body,” sex-positive boutique. Founded in 1985, FANTASY has three categories—accessories, toys and BDSM/fetish gear. Its mission statement is to provide a “safe, fun environment for people of all genders, sexualities and budgets,” perfect for catering to a variety of needs and desires. If you’re looking for a judgment-free zone with friendly and knowledgeable staff who also know when to let you browse alone, FANTASY is the place for you. Its slogan says it all: “Everyone has a fantasy. What’s yours?”


Sex-positive, ultra-feminist and highly reputable, Spartacus is known for its highly-rated and adaptable customer service. Its staff pays special attention to newcomers and makes sure they feel as comfortable as possible. Spartacus’ inventory is huge, with more than 1,500 square feet of storefront space, so it definitely has options for everyone. Spartacus also prides itself on “discretion and privacy,” according to the shop owner. Combined with an industry discount of a whopping 30 percent for strippers, drag queens and other performers, Spartacus has become a Portland legend, and for good reason.

Adam and Eve

Though the name might feel outdated, the shop has a modern approach to the sex industry. Adam and Eve—one of the largest sex shop chains in America—has a huge and inclusive array of toys, lingerie, lubes and more. The Portland storefront has collections ranging from bachelorette party to bondage, as well as a sizeable online selection for those uncomfortable with buying in person. With a large range of products for every kind of couple, Adam and Eve is modernizing as it expands. The store provides a less personal, more generic experience, which isn’t necessarily bad—in fact, less interaction with staff may be better when even the mere thought of entering a sex shop gives you the shivers (in a bad way).

If you don’t find something that strikes your interest, take to Google. Portland is rated the kinkiest city in America, so it certainly has something for everyone—it’s just waiting for you to go out and try it.