SFC chair reports to senate

Student Fee Committee chair Tina Cooper reported to the student senate Wednesday for the first time since fall term began.


The student government Judicial Board is currently reviewing a complaint filed by SFC member Adas Lis that Cooper has failed to fulfill her duties as the committee’s chairperson.


Among Lis’s allegations was that Cooper had not reported to the senate during fall term.


As SFC chair, Cooper heads the committee responsible for allocating over $8 million in student incidental fees to Portland State’s student groups, including the Vanguard and athletics programs.


Reporting to the senate at senate meetings is listed among the duties of the SFC chair in the position’s official job description. The job description does not specify how often the chair is expected to report to the senate.


If the Judicial Board determines Cooper to be in “non-fulfillment of duties,” it could be considered a resignation under the Associated Students of Portland State University Constitution, effectively removing her as committee chair.


Cooper informed the senate at their weekly meeting that the committee rescheduled the student group budget rollover and overage request hearings, originally planned for this week, to Nov. 7 and 8.


She also said that the committee members completed a diversity and anti-bias training.