SFC chair up to senate

ASPSU Election Committee members voted Monday to send a recommendation to the ASPSU Senate asking for approval of a plan to resolve issues surrounding the contested March ASPSU Elections.

The language sent to the Senate by the Elections Committee, if approved, would allow the committee to revisit March’s ASPSU elections, possibly changing the outcome of the Student Fee Committee Chair (SFC) race.

The decision follows last week’s Evaluation and Constitutional Review Committee (E&CR) meeting, during which the body determined that the Elections Committee failed to adhere to their bylaws by tallying votes cast for “write-in” candidates via the standard balloting process with those cast via a “write-in” process. In addition, the E&CR ruled that if a candidate was allowed on the ballot without having attended a candidate orientation, that also was in violation of Election Committee bylaws.

According to accounts, the only “contested” election that would be effected would be that of SFC chair.

Following the proposed plan, if current SFC Chair-Elect Erin Watari is found to have been placed on the ballot inappropriately, or if her candidacy is in question, then votes cast for her would be considered void and the runner-up, current SFC Chair Tracy Earll, would be declared the new victor.

Upset by the confused outcome of the election, Elections Committee member Justice McPherson exclaimed, “this definitely goes into the archives of dimpled chads.”

The ASPSU Senate will hear debate concerning the elections committee decision Wednesday.