Soccer boys spice up the winter sports season

If you weren’t previously aware, Portland State University has a hot men’s soccer club. The team is 2-0 so far this season, and coach Nick Filis has nothing but high expectations for their future.

Last Sunday PSU claimed their second preseason win against the Rose City United ball club. The game was scoreless until the second half when left defender Jeremy Williams made a power shot for a goal from the 30 yard line. Williams was the only member from either team to chalk a tally mark, but one is all it takes to win.

With power defenders in the backfield, the PSU soccer club is a force to be reckoned with.

For many spectators, one of the most entertaining aspects of the game may be the animated instructing tactics by coach Filis. Pacing the sidelines, Filis yells his encouragements and criticisms to his team on the field.

“We have twice the talent of the other team,” said coach Filis.

Samer Nawas, the team’s manager, explained that the team has only recently been thrown together and has yet to get into a steady groove on the field. In fact, most of the players are still so poorly acquainted with each other that they can’t even remember their teammates’ names.

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In spite of the team’s juvenescence, the men’s soccer club has pulled off two spicy wins and can’t wait to break into regular season games. Currently, the team is playing in the Division Two gold league, but soon enough it will be registered for Collegiate League soccer with the hope of moving on to Division one.

If you are sick and tired of PSU’s monotonous basketball season and have Sunday mornings free, it is highly recommended that you get up for an 11:30 am soccer match at the PSU practice field next to the Stott Center. The team’s next match is Sunday, February 22. Don’t miss the most exciting sporting event PSU athletics has to offer.