Something for everyone

There are almost too many clubs to choose from on campus, which guarantees at least one will suit your interest. In total, the university has 29 clubs for everything from aikido to water polo.

There are almost too many clubs to choose from on campus, which guarantees at least one will suit your interest. In total, the university has 29 clubs for everything from aikido to water polo.

Each club offers a dynamic group setting and gives students an alternate option to varsity athletics. The recreational clubs fit all types of skill levels and are funded by student fees.

Here are all of the clubs offered at Portland State:

Aikido: This martial arts club practices Aikido techniques, both free hand and with weapons, under the supervision of an instructor.

This clubs welcomes all skill levels and competes in tournaments throughout the year.

Board Game Society:
Pretty self-explanatory, this club has games on hand and invites members to bring their own to meetings.

Breakin’: The Breakin’ Club performs shows and in tournaments at Portland State and around Portland.

Crew: This team rows on the Willamette River and is housed in the Portland Boathouse. They compete in races throughout Oregon and Washington.

Cycling: The cycling club is a group of avid cyclists who compete in various competitions in the Northwest.

Dancers Club: This club meets to practice all types of partner dancing.

Disc Golf: The disc golf club unites a group of people to play golf with special Frisbees on a special course in a Portland park. There are 12 courses in the metro area set up for disc golf.

Dragon Boat: The PCC/PSU Zen Dragons row the Willamette in practices and monthly races.

Fencing: This sword-fighting club focuses on bladework, footwork and all-around strategy as opponents face off on a narrow metallic strip.

Ice hockey: The PSU Hockey Club plays at the Mt. View Ice Arena in hopes of building a Division 2 team.

This club also focuses on skill and martial arts.

Lacrosse: The Lacrosse Club competes in the Pacific Northwest Collegiate Lacrosse League.

Medieval Combat: This club unites students interested in fighting with homemade padded weapons and armor.

Paintball: This relatively new club competes in tournaments as well as during practices.

Random Select: This video game club hosts events throughout the year for competitive gamers.

Rollin’: This is a rollerblading club committed to promoting the activity as both a physical sport as well as a lifestyle.

Rugby: This men’s club practices and competes in the greater Portland area.

Sailing: The sailing club competes with other schools and sails from the Willamette Sailing Center.

Snowboarding: This club wants to get as many students up to the mountain as possible, and will begin meeting as soon as there is enough snow on the mountain to start treading.

Soccer: This men’s club is highly competitive in different leagues throughout the year.

Steps of Rhythm: This hip-hop club advocates a positive learning environment and invites dancers of all skill levels.

Swim Club: This club holds practices where students compete against each other to build on their skills.

Table Tennis: This club brings students together to compete and recognize the sports growth on the collegiate level.

Tae Kwon Do: The Tae Kwon Do club practices techniques and principles, hoping members will go on to hold demonstrations and compete in tournaments.

Tango: The Argentine tango club brings together PSU students to learn the art of tango.

Tennis: This co-ed club invites students of all skill levels to compete against each other.

Ultimate Frisbee: This club combines soccer and football with a Frisbee as two seven-player squads face each other.

Water polo: This new club brings together PSU students interested in the sport.

For more information on the club that interests you, visit You can also visit the Rec Club office, located in the basement of Smith Memorial Student Union.