A round up of all the best lunch places in Southwest.

Mika Sushi

1425 SW Second Ave.


Located in a quiet area of downtown, Mika Sushi is a relatively unknown sushi bar. However, once you’ve managed to find it, you’ll be happy you did. The prices are fairly reasonable compared to other sushi restaurants, and the fish is fresh—especially the salmon. And if big crowds aren’t for you, this is the place to go. Aside from a couple in the corner, you’ll likely be the only one dining here, giving you a chance to enjoy your meal and get to know the staff.

Jefferson’s Pizza

1221 SW Jefferson St.  


There are a lot of pizza joints in town, especially ones that boast specialty pies. Though the dishes at Jefferson’s Pizza are fairly conventional, the atmosphere is not. No matter the time of day, the owner will be more than happy to accommodate any order. He’s also incredibly generous and often throws in extra toppings free of charge. Though you may not want to eat here—the space is pretty limited—you’ll definitely want to pay a visit every once in a while. If you do, you can probably watch “Pokemon” with his kids.

Thai Chili Jam

1243 SW Jefferson St.


Located right across from I-405, this place doesn’t look like much. But don’t let that fool you. The staff is highly personable and the food is amazing and authentic. In addition, the lunch menu is very diverse, offering great deals with several vegetarian-friendly options. Plus, if you go in more than once, the staff will remember your order to the tee. The portions are pretty large too, so expect to bring home a doggy bag.


Lebanese Restaurant

1921 SW Sixth Ave.


Though it’s just a few blocks from Portland State’s campus, Abu-Rasheed always seems to be empty. But this place has racked up more than a few positive reviews and for good reason. Not only is the staff polite and attentive, the restaurant offers very traditional Middle Eastern food. For lunch, try the falafel sandwich with hummus, which is wrapped in pita bread with tomatoes. If you’re craving meat, ask about the Sahara Special plate, which comes with either beef or chicken shawarma, falafel, hummus, tomatoes, tabbouli salad, onion salad and pita bread.

Goose Hollow Inn

1927 SW Jefferson St.


If you’re looking for a neighborhood pub, pay a visit to Goose Hollow Inn. Celebrated for its reuben sandwiches as well as its beer selection, this place is a trademark in the Goose Hollow neighborhood. Though it doesn’t have the best service, it does have a diverse group of clientele. And don’t fret—the menu offers vegetarian options.  In addition, it has patio seating for those crisp—and hopefully sunny—fall days. But be forewarned: Smoking is allowed on the deck.

Bombay Chaat House

804 SW 12th Ave.


For starters, this place is cheap—just make sure to bring cash. In addition, the food is authentic and nearly any dish can be made vegan. Try the Aloo Kulcha, a bread that is filled with spiced potatoes. The Samosa-Chaat—made with samosa pieces, yogurt, mint sauce, garbanzo beans, onions and spices—makes for a great lunch. Just don’t try to eat them all in one sitting.  


Vista Springs Café

2440 SW Vista Ave.


 Don’t be turned off by the fact that this café is located in Portland’s ritzy West Hills; it has a surprisingly cozy and down-to-earth vibe. The staff is also extremely friendly—one waitress has been there for more than a decade. The café has several menu items, including wonderful soups (which come with focaccia bread) and salads. It also offers a selection of beer and wine. The Club Sandwich, served with Kettle chips, is also a popular menu item. But perhaps the best feature is the location: Vista Springs Café is located in a quiet residential area, just up the street from Washington Park.