Spice up the night

What are you doing tonight? Watching “The Bachelor?” Furthering your education by doing homework? Phhhh … Fuhgeddaboutit. Why do that stuff when you can head over to the Ash Street Saloon and broaden your musical horizons , sampling the spicy sounds of Pepper?

This Kona, Hawaii trio turns out a listener-friendly blend of pop, punk and reggae. Their sound has been compared to that of The Police and Sublime. Vocalists Kaleo Wassman and Bret Bollinger do indeed share Bradley Knowles’ smooth, sweet delivery, and drummer Yesod Williams’ driving beats make you want to get up and dance.

Plus, it is vastly to their credit that they can take lyrics like, “Why don’t you have some dirty, hot sex with me. It ain’t like I’m askin’ ya to give it up for free” (from “Give It Up”), and make it catchy.


Pepper has produced two albums, 2000’s Give N’ It and 2002’s Kona Town. They have also played on the Van’s Warped Tour.

To hear what Pepper is all about, visit their Web page, www.pepperlive.com. There, you’ll find MP3 downloads, tour dates and a message board.

Portland bands Uprite Dub Orchestra and Everyday Victory (everydayvictorymusic.com) will open the show.

Pepper, Uprite Dub Orchestra,

Everyday Victory

Wednesday, Nov. 12

9 p.m.

Ash Street Saloon

225 S.E. Ash Street


$7 adv.