Spread those wings, young fledglings

Are you the outdoorsy type? Do you enjoy doing homework accompanied by mother nature? If you answered yes to these questions, or your interest was just piqued, the Portland State Outdoor Orientation is the one for you.

Unlike your standard orientation, this one will take you through the forest and into the woods, to help you fresh men and women meet a community of people with similar interests. For the first time ever, this four day orientation begins on Wednesday, September 21 and continues until Saturday, September 24.

After touring what our campus has to offer you (resource centers, sustainability initiatives), you’re gonna venture off the beaten campus paths and onto the 4T trails within our city limits to gain a sense of your surroundings that you wouldn’t get on any old standard tour.

But that’s not all, folks! We still have three days to fill (or have you not been paying attention?). Thursday through Saturday, you will be submerged in the great Oregon greenery and learn about all the essentials to backpacking from experienced veterans.

You will learn to feel at ease in the wilderness while carrying all your essentials on your back. Get to know about the natural environment while learning tips and tricks to survive in our natural habitat.

Even though you may be noobs, the purpose of this orientation is to make you less of a noob. And who wouldn’t want that? Get to know your city way better than any other frosh. Find out things from seniors who’ve been here far longer than you.

Chris Bullard, Outdoor Program Assistant Coordinator
[email protected]
Signup Deadline: September 7
Cost: $250 (includes all food, equipment, transportation)