Standing Rock and Boycott resolutions passed by ASPSU

The Associated Students of Portland State University passed two resolutions on Monday, Dec. 5.

The first, Resolution in Support of the Water Protectors at Standing Rock, was approved 20-0-1.

The resolution states: “A statement of support to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and the numerous Indigenous organizations working against the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline;” calls for the Obama administration to condemn the pipeline; “calls upon the following companies and state agencies to respect treaties already established. Wherein: the United States Government, Dakota Access, LLC, Energy Transfer Crude Oil Company, LLC, and the Army Corps of Engineers are to immediately cease construction of a pipeline within the territory or near the water supply of Standing Rock Sioux Reservation, a sovereign Indigenous nation, currently and in the future;” and for those companies and state agencies to end and condemn the violence used against the water protectors.

The Injustice Boycott Resolution was approved 19-1-1.

The Injustice Boycott Resolution resolves: “[The] Associated Students of Portland State University officially endorses, supports, and actively promotes the Shaun King National Injustice Boycott starting on December 5, 2016.”

King is a writer for New York Daily News, a social media writer, and civil rights activist most notably supporting the Black Lives Matter movement. The Injustice Boycott he proposed started in Standing Rock North Dakota and New York and has since begun in San Francisco. The boycott seeks “to take an organized stand against racial injustice and police brutality in the United States of America,” according to the boycott’s website.

A new resolution was introduced as a first reading at this meeting as well: Resolution to condemn the Murdock Trust for funding Organizations in the Pacific Northwest that harm the Portland State University Community.

This resolution “condemns the Murdock Trust for its funding of organizations like the Freedom Foundation and the Alliance Defending Freedom that attack the identities and safety of current and former Portland State University students.”

It was returned to the Equal Rights Advocacy Committee for amendments.