Stop, drop-crotch and roll with it

If my boyfriend had been wearing a pair of drop-crotch sweats on our first date, he probably wouldn’t have ripped a hole in the crotch of his jeans, am I right?

Regardless of whether or not you agree with that statement, drop-crotch sweats (or joggers, as they’re sometimes called) aren’t even really a new trend. They’re essentially a twist on harem pants—just not quite as baggy and with a little more slim fit to them.

We’ve all seen how Justin Bieber failed at wearing them on numerous occasions, so it’s understandable if you’re scared, but I’m here to walk you through it.

As with any article of clothing you’re considering purchasing, you’re going to want to try the pants on first. This is the most important step to avoid looking like Poopy Pants Bieber.

1. Put them on.

2. Look in the mirror.

3. Evaluate how much butt-sag is going on.

If it looks like you’re wearing a diaper, then I’m sorry, but try again.

At this point you’ll either want to go down a size, find a pair with a shorter knee-to-crotch drop ratio, choose a different brand or give up altogether. Don’t be afraid to take your time. Finding clothing that fits in all the right places can be a time-consuming process.

When you’ve found the appropriate amount of butt sag, you’re next going to want to evaluate the actual crotch drop. Does it go past your knees? Do they hinder your ability to walk comfortably? Do you look like a dingus?
These are all appropriate questions to ask yourself when cramped in a tiny, fluorescent fitting room. If you can confidently answer no to each of the previous questions, congratulations, you’ve found yourself a trusty new pair of “pants.”

But how do you style them now that you own a pair?

Well, if they look like jogging pants—some sort of gray, jersey knit fabric—then you should probably wear them for actual jogging, sportsing or casual days. If they’re black or some other color, they’re best paired with a solid colored, loose-fitting t-shirt. Maybe even a graphic tee if you’re feeling like a party animal.

Even this is still a pretty casual look, though, and I wouldn’t advise wearing drop-crotch anything to an interview, presentation or date. Unless it’s some weird sort of drop-crotch date, which sounds gross. Don’t do that, okay?

You could also pair your drop-crotch pants with a nice hoodie, cardigan or sweatshirt. By nice I mean no pills, frays or tears in the fabric. Let’s be real, slobby isn’t a good look ever. People will take
you seriously if you look put together.

As for footwear—simple sneakers will do, or even a pair of Vans. But please don’t pull your socks up over
your pants; it’s not a good look on anyone.

Drop-crotch pants are great for the coming summer months when it’s a bit too chilly in the mornings and evenings for shorts—though you can find drop-crotch shorts out there if you’re that dedicated.