Student Pub editorships decided

On Friday, the Student Publications Board appointed editorships to four of the five positions for next year’s student publications.

The editors of next year’s student publications are Shah Smith of The Spectator, Nina Jett of the Portland Review, Matt Petrie of the Vanguard and Alison Plass of the Graphic Design Center.

The positions were announced after each candidate was interviewed and the board deliberated in an executive session. The Rearguard editorship remains unfilled as no one applied for the job before the applicant cut-off date.

The Student Publications Board decided to suspend application of a new rule adopted by the Board earlier this year requiring editorial applicants to have experience within the particular publication until next year’s application process. The rule, if applied, would have only affected the Portland Review’s editorship in this year’s process, as the literary magazine’s top position was the only one contested.

“I’m confident that next year’s publications will be well run,” said Judson Randall, executive secretary of the Pub Board. Randall, also student publications adviser, noted that the appointed editors are “clearly qualified” and emphasized the importance of student-run media.

“The publications let people express their voices in many realms,” he said.

The Student Publications Board has extended the application period for the Rearguard editorship until 5 p.m. Monday, May 9. Application material may be obtained from Randall’s office in Room S-26A in the sub-basement of the Smith Memorial Student Union. The Board plans to announce a decision on Friday, May 13.