Students help small businesses

The Business Outreach Program at Portland State was recently recognized for helping numerous small businesses in the North and Northeast areas of Portland.The program received the Effective Government Award from the North/Northeast Business Association (NNEBA).

Portland State’s School of Business Administration was recognized at the NNEBA’s annual luncheon earlier this month. The program was recognized for contributing to the overall economy and for its excellence of outreach to the community as well as at-need businesses.

The NNEBA is a collection of business owners and neighborhood residents of that region of Portland, who are concerned about new and established businesses thriving in the area’s economy.

The School of Business Administration Business Outreach Program, since starting in 1994, has made a cumulative impact and has been a key player in the area, said program spokesperson Brad Robertson.

The student-led program, which enrolled around 140 students this year, sends students to provide aid to small businesses and business owners. The students provide assistance with developing business plans, researching marketing potential, developing resource plans and implementing financial and accounting systems.

“The help is specific with what the business needs,” Robertson said.

Working with management counselors and teachers, the students are given the opportunity to be involved in community-based learning and are able to contribute to the economy of the area they work with.