Summer recap tests student

The transition between high school and college, more specifically, the summer between them, should consist of many big changes in one’s life. You know, like all of that growing up stuff. I myself have the privilege to say that all of my friends have experienced those big changes … while I … have not.

September I am, as of this moment, sitting in my room with four giant fans drying out my carpet. This carpet became wet when my toilet decided to break and flood the downstairs of my house, making it unlivable for approximately one week. So, basically, I am stuck floor-hopping for a place to sleep from friend to friend to girlfriend until my downstairs pool has evaporated.

June I had the great joy in helping my friends move out of their parent’s house and into a nice apartment. An apartment with a pool. A pool not caused by a malfunctioning toilet.

Every time I go to their house to see their piranhas or watch the Food Network, I get to enjoy life without feeling like I’m still in high school. This feeling disappears the second I step into my home, which has its very own swimming pool, nicely located at the foot of my stairs … in a house that my mother owns … and still resides in.

July I went to Warped Tour. Sounds fun? It was. But little did I know that I would spend more money on water than the damn ticket. I brought about five bottled waters, for some reason thinking I could drink them. As I approached the gate, the gravel slowly burning through my Chucks, I was told to empty my water before entering the gates. I quickly did so in hopes to refill them on the other side.

You see, this is what you call stupidity.

The only water available in the 110 degree heat was in these little sinks, conveniently located right next to the port-o-potties. After thinking what might be in that water, I quickly rushed over to a food stand where over $25 left my wallet just for water consumption.

August But when I do think about this last summer, one thing brings up a smile. My girlfriend and I celebrated our one-year anniversary. How did we celebrate? Well, we argued for a half hour about how to properly eat corn-on-the-cob.

This argument still continues today.

My argument: the way to eat corn is in a straight line, from left to right, while slowly rotating it until it is gone. The “typewriter” way if you will. While she seems to think that circling the corn from one side to the other is proper. She’s wrong.

I want that on my grave. “She is wrong.”

So now fall is here. The weather hasn’t noticeably changed from last fall, so while the rest of the world seems to grow up, I’m not too sure if I have yet. Maybe I’m ready for college. Then again, maybe I’m not.

Isn’t confusion the first sign of immaturity?

I think it is … isn’t it?