The $44 million plan

As the dust still settles on the beautiful (and expensive) Academic and Student Rec Center, Portland State already has its eye on an ambitious remodel of the Peter W. Stott Center—and it’s not going to be cheap.

Police accountability

Police in today’s society have quite a bit of power with very little accountability, and we have known for decades that such authority inevitably leads to abuse.

Betrayal at Twitter

Twitter has released five names to French prosecutors after fighting for months against a court order. by a private French citizens’ group. The tweeters who were given up had posted anti-Semitic tweets that went against French anti-hate laws.

Goodbye, summer graduation

As summer slips quicker than financial aid through our fingers, some students are lucky enough to finally bring their college career to an end. Unfortunately, they won’t have the option of a summer graduation ceremony to celebrate their hard-earned achievements.

3-way collision

As a frequent pedestrian in our small “big” city, I sometimes come across situations where drivers, bicyclists or other pedestrians do really irritating things.

Russia’s shame

In a baffling move of backwardness, Russia’s Lower Parliament has decided to back the ban of the “propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations,” which is basically a pleasant way of saying that the government can start punishing its citizens for the mention of homosexuality.

Conquering the sea

Throughout college I’ve thought it would be neat to try scuba diving. But it never quite fit with my schedule, I was too nervous to take it by myself and it seemed like one of those activities pretentious rich people do in order to show off how much gear they can afford.

Movie madness!

As the cost of big-name, first-run theaters has grown out of control, it’s become increasingly difficult to have an easygoing night out at the movies. Luckily for us, we live in Portland, and avoiding the larger chains is pretty effortless.

A nation of Bacon infatuation

It never seemed possible that the day would come when I would say, in all seriousness, that I’ve had too much bacon. The moment it happened an indescribable bleakness shrouded the world, almost as if my last shred of childhood glee escaped from me in a whimper. Or maybe that was just the sound of my arteries groaning.