The Blazers’ pledge to fans

The top ten of twenty-five Blazer promises

1.To evaluate character along with basketball talent when selecting players.

2. To establish a player code of conduct and to hold our players accountable for their actions both on and off the court.

3 To challenge every obstacle that would prevent us from taking quick and authoritative action for any behavior that compromises our expectation of our players acting responsibly at all times.

4.To help our players represent our team and community with pride by creating a player program and development position.

5. To educate our players so that they will understand why Portland and Oregon is a special place to play and what it means to be a Portland Trail Blazer.

6. To acknowledge and address franchise highs and lows in a clear, straightforward and timely manner.

7. To build a competitive team on the court, which fans can also be proud of off the court.

8. To have our team President and General Manager be active members of the community by living and working in Portland year-round.

9. To embrace our rich heritage and reconnect with former players and coaches who hold a place in your hearts and represent the pride of this franchise.

10. To have our organization, its staff and team members be active in the community.