The company that owns Kazaa is suing the music industry for anti-competitive behavior. What do you think?

“I don’t want a free CD. I want to pay for the damn thing. I want the ability to download music if I want it. If they charge, I’ll pay. I don’t care.”

Hung Tran, community major, senior

“I agree with the record companies on this one, I think that stealing music is bad. I admit I download from there, but you’ve got to sympathize with the artist on this one. That’s how they make their living.”

Luke Walsh, social science major, junior

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“My initial impression is that the music industry seems to own something and they’re releasing it to us to use. It’s their property. I get stuff for free and I enjoy it too. I enjoy getting whatever I can from Kazaa. Being a student, it’s very cost-effective … I don’t think suing them is a good idea.”

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