The dark side of indie

Indie Girl 1 and Indie Girl 2


What kind of music do you like to listen to?

IG1: I like to listen to all kinds of music.

IG2: I like rock ‘n’ roll music, I like a lot of Northwest music but [Indie Girl 1] hates Pavement.

IG1: I don’t hate Pavement! I’ve grown fond of them.

IG2: I like Built to Spill and, like, stuff like that and like Le Tigre.

IG1: I love Le Tigre!

Have you ever thought about killing anybody?

IG2: Seriously?! I thought about killing my little brother.


What does your little brother do that makes you want to kill him?

IG2: Well, he’s my half-brother and my step-mom makes him kind of a brat.


Do you want to kill your stepmother?

IG2: No, she’s really nice.


Is there stuff that you like to listen to when you’re angry?

IG1: Yeah, like stuff that you can scream the lyrics out and dance around and get all your frustrations out.

IG2: Yeah, like dance music!


So does dance music make you want to kill people?

IG1 and IG2: No!

IG2: Just the opposite, it gets rid of my killing mode.


Did you ever torture animals when you were younger?

IG2: No!

IG1: I fried ants under a magnifying glass and then I cried about it for three days afterward.

IG2: I guess that, like, I loved my cat so much that I was kind of bad for it. I guess I would hug it too tight.

IG1: I guess I did try to torture an animal.


What was it?

IG1: It was a parrot. It would chase me around and it almost like tore out my ligament once. It was very small and very frustrated.


What did you do?

IG1: I kicked it really hard in the face.


What did it do?
IG1: It tried to eat my foot. It’s an evil, evil, evil, parrot. I can’t believe I just admitted to that.


Indie Guy

What kind of music do you like to listen to?

Like, sadcore.


What’s sadcore?

Like Elliott Smith.


Have you ever thought about killing anyone?
No, that’s pretty rude.


So if someone tried to kill you that would be rude?


Would you wanna kill them back?

I couldn’t, I’d probably be dead.


Do you ever watch slasher films?

I have.


Like which ones?

Like, the most recent one was “Freddy vs. Jason.”


Wanna play the word association game?






























Indie Girl 3

What kind of music do you like to listen to?
I like Built to Spill and Iggy Pop.


Have you ever thought about killing people?

Yeah, it was mostly when I was in high school, those kids that smoke pot a lot I would envision throwing hammers at their skulls. That was my mode of killing, hammers.


Have you ever seen the movie “Scanners”?
I don’t think so.


I’ll give you a quick run-down: it’s about these people who are telepathic that can make people’s heads explode. Is there anybody that you would like to telepathically make their heads explode?

Yeah, this one guy in my freshman inquiry class who always talks about pot, mostly people that smoke pot and the Man, he’s got me down.


Who is the Man?

The Man isn’t a real person – it’s kind of like God, it’s something you just say. It’s more like society in general, the system.


If there was a Man -?

Like a tyrant who ran the country?

Well there is kind of one of those.

There is but he doesn’t have all the powers. It could be worse.


But if there was Man and you saw him on the street?

I’d kill him, with hammers.