The end is just the beginning: Maintain momentum after graduation

College students live for the day they graduate but fear the day they have to find a job. Author Scott Eberwein hopes to ease the transition with his new book, Cash Your Investment: How to Leverage Your College Degree Into a Great First Job.

Eberwein had similar fears of finding work after college. In the book, he relays advice that helped him snag a job in New York. A search guide for college students, it offers more than just information on resumes and interviews.

“I really tried to put in a lot of my own personal experiences, my personal examples, which will hopefully make it more relevant,” Eberwein said.

He hopes that since he can relate to college students based on his own experiences, readers will enjoy the book as well as learn something new. He particularly emphasizes what a student should do before they graduate and begin the job search.

Besides just offering advice, Eberwein wants students to feel self-empowered. The book offers tips on how to not let the fear of the job world hinder your motivation.

“I feel like the mental aspect [of finding a job] was underappreciated,” Eberwein said. “I want there to be self-empowerment and motivation. I want to write a book that hasn’t been done before.”

He said he doesn’t want to reinvent the wheel by telling students what they can already easily find on the internet. His aim for this book was to encompass all the information a college student may need within a single source.

“Awareness is pretty big…don’t limit yourself. ‘Hey you can do this!’ The goal was to make [the book] that one-stop shop,” Eberwein said.

His goal was to create a product unique to the job-searching world, including all the tools necessary. Eberwein notes, for example, the importance of finding a mentor during one’s college career in order to receive advice.

“What better way to learn about the job market or the corporate world than to talk to someone who is already out there and has already done it?” Eberwein said. “I really had to lean on a mentor to show me the ropes.”

Eberwein elaborates that speaking with someone in a student’s chosen career field can greatly benefit a job search later on.

The book is available for purchase on Amazon, Barnes and Noble online and most book retail stores for $19.95.