The four best book bags to fit every student’s lifestyle

College, commuting and careers are the three C’s that leave us with a lot of back pains.

It’s no secret that not taking proper care of something as vital as your back can haunt you in the future, and packing your necessities in a functional and spine-friendly way is within the realm of possibilities.

But comfort is only one part of fashion. The bag you carry around every day says something about you, and luckily there’s a bag for every walk of life.

The “anywhere you can bike I can bike better” bag

It is essential to acknowledge the number or readers who likely commute on two wheels.

Since the Northwest tends to stay nice and wet nine months out of the year, it is important that your bag packs a waterproof punch. Unless, of course, you plan to bike in a poncho (us Portlanders—we’ve seen things).

The SealLine Urban Backpack offers the functional comfort of a backpack, but also has special features that are crucial to bikers. Rather than zipping shut, the waterproof bag rolls over the top of itself to keep your electronics and papers safe inside.

While it may seem a little pricy for a bag, it’s got a warranty and also pays for itself in dry textbooks and safe storage.

The “I just go to school so I can carry a fabulous bag” bag

If style is your one and only game, your back may blame you later.

However, there are also plenty of comfortable bag choices that can quench your appetite for style. Whether you like a messenger bag, backpack or tote, there are many places that offer a variety of options.

Rather than looking online, check Ross, T.J. Maxx and Marshalls for some one-of-a-kind finds at very affordable prices. Many of these options prove to be much less pricey—but always consider this: You get what you pay for.

If you fancy style, but shopping around isn’t your thing, try the JanSport Breakster Backpack or the Ducti Stop Laptop Messenger for some cute (and most affordable) bag options.

The “crowded public transit friendly” bag

When you’re shoved onto a tightly packed train full of daily commuters, carrying a hefty load of books and lunch, and whatever else you may need, can get kind of strenuous.

Bags with plenty of straps can help your items feel extra secure when you’re storing all your important stuff on your back—and it can help intimidate anyone behind you who might be looking to rifle through your belongings.
A great and high quality bag is the Hershel Supply Co. Little America backpack. It’s not only secure, but it’s quite comfy to carry and comes in a variety of styles.

You can find some great prints and deals on the bag at their website, or on Amazon.

The “I’m packing more words and pages than Merriam-Webster” bag

With all the new, modern technologies available, it is quite nice to be able to condense several textbooks into a much more tree and tote-friendly tablet.

However, this idea isn’t foolproof. Not all books are available on Kindle, or sometimes they end up being more expensive. It’s for those extra bulky and hard to find books that a backpack with thick, padded straps and lots of space is really necessary.
The North Face is known for lots of great sporting gear, so why should the task of running around a college campus with pounds of books on your back be any different?

They offer a variety of nice and comfy backpacks to carry books, and the best bang for your buck could be The North Face’s Rucksack, found on sites like Dr. Jay’s.