The Goa constrictor lays it down

Hello, my name is The Goa Constrictor. I had prepared a whole article ready for you describing “Goa” music from its origins in Goa, India, to the present form of today. This morning, I was going to turn it in, but I realized that I had to completely start over. For right now, unfortunately, I can’t tell you exactly what Goa trance is. I will tell you that it is a form of techno music that has spawned a fierce culture of people all over the world. Seeing as this is a new school year, I feel everyone should learn something new about music. Everyone should try to listen to music they have never heard of, or wouldn’t normally give a chance.

So for those of you who like, or are curious about, techno, house and various forms of trance (eds laymens terms: electronic music with pulsing steady bass that people dance to) here are some musical suggestions in the Goa trance genre.

Dragonfly Records (re-released on Twisted Records UK). This is the album that started the modern Goa trance sound. This is one of those albums that still sounds new and fresh over six years after its original release. It starts with the track “LSD,” a seven-minute journey that starts with a minute-long dialogue from Oregonian Ken Kesey about the psychedelic mind. It’s hard to review a full album of great music. When all tracks are good, you really don’t want to waste the reader’s time by praising every song. This is one of those albums.

Tracks such as ‘”Shamanix” and “Solstice” are so very unique and well composed that you wonder why Simon Posford (Hallucinogen) hasn’t gotten more recognition.

The Mama Matrix Most Mysterious
Elektrik Orgasm Records. This album is everything I have ever wanted in an album. It starts off kind of bouncy and groovy and just goes from there. The high ends are crisp and clear. The bass sounds impeccable.

The album plays as if it was the soundtrack to some freaky Darren Arnofsky or David Lynch movie.

Some tracks are only a few short minutes long. Others are nine-minute epic tracks. This album incorporates some funky grooves and chilling jazz riffs. The 11 tracks on this album are do superior to anything being played on the radio (except 1450 AM KPSU) or at raves, it makes me wonder how people can listen to regular techno music.

Petomans Peflett
Exogenic Records. Who would have ever thought that Finland would be so full of great music? I have been shocked by the amount of super-kickass tracks that come from that area. Texas Faggott happen to be the first I heard, and in my opinion, the best. They sound like they came from some sick carnival or side show. They put the fun back into dance music. Tracks like “Breast Boogie” which has a sample about why women hold their breasts when they run, and “J탌�탌�tel탌�automaatti” are so very creative and bouncy, my ass won’t stop shaking while they play. You’ll occasionally see me driving around the parking structure or down the street or stopped at stoplights just dancing like a fool in my car.

So this has been my quick review of some really good CDs that will hopefully introduce you to a whole new world of sounds and rhythms. I know it can be hard finding music of quality sometimes, so let me recommend Chaos Existence on 39th and Hawthorne. They have an excellent assortment of music, and if you bring Mauricio this article, he can probably help you out with finding these CDs and more.

Also, [] has a huge selection of FREE mp3’s to download. It’s not like Napster either. The artists actually want their music on here, like a more underground mp3.comBom Bolenat!!

Guest reviewer Adam Barr, aka the Goa Constrictor, spins trance on Wednesday nights from midnight to 2 a.m. on Portland State’s KPSU 1450 AM.