The most embarrassing, endearing holiday costumes for pets

We’re rounding the corner of that time of year when gaining a few pounds is inevitable thanks to things like grandma’s world renowned pumpkin pie, and attempting to dress ourselves to the nines to convince extended family and old friends that we’re at our best ever.

And for some reason, it would seem that along with your fancy getup, it’s become necessary in our culture to dress your pet up too.

While these duds range from adorable to absolutely shameful, here is a compiled list of the best of the best (to help you get into the holi-
day spirit).

Champagne bottle schnauzer

While this outfit not only screams “we know how to party,” it potentially shames your puppy into years of drunken squeaky toy overuse. It skips right past the trying to look put together for the holidays to show what they’re really all about: spiking the punch.

Holiday elf tabby

We’ve really come so far since the days of “Smelly Cat” (if you don’t know what that is, ask Google). But when it comes to the holidays and getting even with that ball of fur that likes to wake you up at 5 a.m. and let you know he’s hungry, there’s elf cat.

This double-pointed, almost court jester-like hat is not only embarrassing, but it comes together under that tiny little cat chin with a string bow. If string right under his nose that he can’t get to doesn’t show him who’s boss, I don’t know what will.

Majestic reindeer dachshund

Nothing says “ho ho holiday” quite like having your own sled-toting pet. What if you show up to that ugly sweater party with Rudolph the red-nosed wiener dog? Besides, antlers on any animal that wasn’t born with them is ridiculously adorable. Add a tiny sleigh and jingle bell collar and you’ll melt the heart of anyone in the vicinity.

Ugly sweater siamese

Here you thought you were the only one who needed an ugly Christmas sweater as the season officially kicks into gear. Wrong. As it turns out you can find one for your pet, too. It’s hard to imagine a cat willingly squeezing into a tiny yarn sweater, but isn’t that what pet costumes are all about: showing that cat who’s boss? As for your pup, something tells me the easy-going nature of a dog means he won’t mind grinning and wearing it.