Theater students put money where their mouths are

Theater department directing students Andrea Royse and Brian Koch are directing two one-act plays, but you wouldn’t know it, given the almost complete lack of publicity for them. The only posters that this writer saw advertising the one-acts were on the door of the department’s publicity office.

Is it because the theater department doesn’t want the uninitiated viewing its productions? Or could it be that, because admission to the one-acts is free, they don’t want to go in the hole by paying for printing costs? Or, more plausibly, is there a vast anti-theater conspiracy perpetrated by disgruntled, attention-starved Intro to Acting students bent on ensuring an empty house for every student-directed play until they are exposed and subjected to the ensuing media barrage?

The plausible is, sadly, the most likely scenario.

Nothing else could explain the dearth of information regarding the production. And this same scenario would also explain why the writer’s calls requesting interviews with the directors (or anybody) were never returned. In fact, the publicity staff may be at the whims of a twisted (due to poor ventilation, lack of sunlight and over-emoting) intro acting student.

As soon as you finish reading this article, you might want to go get some help. For them, not you. Or, you might just want to kick back in the cozy Studio Theater in Room 115 of Lincoln Hall, content in the knowledge that you outwitted a deranged conspiracy and can enjoy the fruit of two directors’ labor -all by yourself.