This week around the world Jan. 7–13

Jan. 9
Kim Kardashian’s chauffeur was among 17 people arrested in connection to a highly-publicized October heist. The 40-year-old and his co-conspirators allegedly made off with million-dollar jewels and more and had been on the run until this week. The heist came in the midst of a spree of high profile robberies of France’s wealthy that have shaken the global elite that visit the Gallic nation for a luxurious getaway.

Jan. 11
Amazon was met with rage in the South-Asian nation after links to a doormat featuring the Indian flag were widely circulated. Calls to withdraw all similar products deemed likewise offensive were answered quickly by Amazon who has since apologized.

Jan. 12
Members of the current party-in-waiting for the Gambian presidency have again asked long-time President Yahya Jammeh to step down after losing the Dec. 1 election, promising all the luxuries afforded to a former head of state. Jammeh has yet to accept, further heightening the impatience of President-elect Adama Barrow.

Jan. 13
The United States officially ended the “wet foot/dry foot” policy that allowed Cubans without visas to stay in the country as immigrants from the communist nation. The change in policy is a massive shift from the Cold War era when those fleeing the island nation were allowed the privilege as part of the United States’ ongoing opposition to the Castro administration.