This week around the world March 11–17

March 11
The Netherlands banned Turkish officials from campaigning there in order to pacify anti-immigrant forces in the nation amid rising xenophobia. In response, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan called the Netherlands a nation of “fascists.”

March 15
Beijing, China
China lashed out against Trump again warning that the economic giant would crush the United States in a trade war, and that firms in the U.S. would be the ones to feel the most pain. Trump has been pushing back diplomatic meetings with the nation even as he continues his campaign of accusing China of playing economic games. Economists are nonetheless hopeful that nothing will come of this war of words; however, even if a trade war breaks out, experts believe that the United States is not as weak as imagined.

March 15
Amsterdam, Netherlands
In a general election, conservative leader Mark Rutte won 33 seats; with a loss of 8 seats, he nonetheless held on to the top position in polls. He was followed by anti-Islam candidate Geert Wilders, a politician who has frequently called for the eradication of the religion from all of Europe and who has inspired numerous white nationalists, from Norwegian Anders Behring Breivik to American Rep. Steve King (R-IA). The election has yet to be finalized, but no party has expressed willingness to form a government with Wilders.

March 16
South Korea
Secretary of State Rex Tillerson refused to take anything off the table in response to continued North Korean weapons tests. Visiting the demilitarized zone, Tillerson addressed ongoing weapons tests, including delivery systems that are supposed to be able to hit the West Coast of the United States.

March 17
Washington, D.C.
The leader of the free world met with President Donald Trump in a bewildering and frequently lampooned diplomatic visit. German Chancellor Angela Merkel sat down with Trump and discussed a range of matters including spying, NATO and handshakes. The visit intensified Trump’s seemingly alternative fact-based Twitter war against NATO allies, whom he claims are spending far too little on NATO.