This week around the world: March 18–24

March 15
Beijing, China
China lashed out against Trump, again warning that the economic giant would crush the United States in a trade war and that firms in the U.S. would be the ones to feel the most pain. Trump has been pushing back diplomatic meetings with the nation, even as he continues his campaign refrain accusing China of playing economic games. Economists are nonetheless hopeful that nothing will come of this war of words, and, even if a trade war breaks out, that the United States is not as weak as imagined.

March 18
North Korea
Calling it a test of “historic significance,” North Korea made good on its promise to test a brand new rocket system that is capable of increasing the DPRK’s technological aspirations. The rocket engine tested was seen as the final piece in preparation for the construction of an ICBM capable of reaching the U.S. mainland.

March 19
North Korea
Meanwhile, a missile test failed mere seconds after launch, putting a question mark above North Korea’s military aspirations.

March 21
United States
The United States and Britain severely limited the types of carry-ons that travelers could bring onto flights from certain predominantly Muslim nations in what is being seen as an effort to further discourage travel from these countries. The news comes shortly after the defeat of Trump’s latest effort at a ban of travelers from several of these Muslim nations. Critics of the ban cite already-stringent protocols in place at these airports.

March 24
Cairo, Egypt
Hosni Mubarak was released from prison some four years after being incarcerated for his role in deaths during the uprisings of the Arab Spring. At 88, the former leader was recently cleared by the courts and quickly returned to his mansion.