This week’s schluppp

Bradley Carrol

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The Flaming Lips

Ego Tripping at the Gates of Hell EP

Warner Bros.

The Flaming Lips have written a Christmas peace song. (Didn’t John Lennon already do that with a children’s chorus?)

At least their timing is dead-on. This joint has seven songs: the fore-mentioned peace carol, a few after-thoughts from Yoshimi, a Nintendo remix of their hit “Do You Realize??” and two versions of the title track “Ego Tripping.” Standouts include the Yoshimi extras (if you didn’t get enough) particularly the Super Mario-treated “Do You Realize??”


I Name You Destroyer

Velocette Records

This is some terrible band-naming work on the part of Jucifer. Maybe it’s slang for when you lose a pinky in the juicer making a fresh squeezed “Hell Smoothy.” I think I know these fools’ secret: the girl singer is bangin’. The music sure isn’t. The band is sponsored by Ampeq amps, Dean guitars, and Zickos drums. Shame they can’t play them.

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog

Come Poop With Me CD/ DVD

Warner Bros.

“He grow inside me poop chute

and he wiggle all around

He make me itch my brown eye

so me scrape it on the ground.” – Triumph the Insult Comic Dog

I don’t know, I mean he smokes a cigar. That’s unrealistic, a cigar-smoking dog. In Triumph’s own words, “What would Letterman say?”