To all the new kids in the Park Blocks [INTRO]

Welcome new friends, to Portland State’s student run publication, the Vanguard. You’re probably nervous as hell right now—palms sweating, trying to look like you’re busy on your phone when you’re really just a lost puppy, trying to remember where the hell your class is (sidebar: you gotta walk 15 minutes or take the streetcar to get to CLSB—sorry, homie).

We get it, we’ve all been there. Don’t you worry bout a thing, sweet thang. We’re here to explain what the heck all those weird acronyms stand for (CLSB: Collaborative Life Sciences Building, CPSO: Campus Public Safety Officers, ASPSU: Associated Students of Portland State University), where to eat when you’re broke, and how to get around this glorious city.

This is your Orientation Guide. Inside you will find a map that includes where your classes are, financial aid, where to go when you have a boo boo (Student Health and Counseling, or SHAC), and where to get some free goodies! Stick around, we’ll be here all year.

Vanguard out (drops mic)!

The Vanguard asked current students what advice they’d like to share with incoming students. Serina Hersey/Andy Ngo