To whom it may concern,

Dear Portland State,

Sports are getting down to it right now, with both Viking basketball teams fighting for a spot in the Big Sky Conference tournament, and track and field gearing up for the end of the season. But you know what sport isn’t getting the headlines it deserves? Golf.

Yeah, I know, golf. I’m the guy who argues that golf is a game not a sport, but here I am saying that this golf team deserves some headlines. I know, I know, sports at PSU don’t gather a ton of headlines anyway, but if there is a team that deserves them, I would argue that our golf team does. Whenever anyone is successful in their field, you have to respect that. Led by head coach Kailin Downs, PSU golf has made a name for themselves heading into this season.

There’s a junior on this team who finished three under par in the UC Irvine Invitational. That junior, who was also the Big Sky Conference player of the year, is A Ram Choi. Choi made five birdies in her performance at UC Irvine, helping earn her an 18th place finish, among schools like Stanford, Texas A&M and Pepperdine.

Before the season started, the Vikings were the preseason pick to win the conference. PSU received 10 of the 11 first place votes. Of the last 11 years, the Vikings have been Big Sky Conference champions six times. How are we not talking about this?

So Vikings, there is no denying that this golf team has been successful. But is golf the most successful sport at PSU? If it is, are fans of sports at this school willing to admit it? We all know the big sports. Basketball. Football. But let’s be honest here, those sports have run a little short on success the last few years. Yeah, there have been a few good seasons sprinkled in there. And we can’t forget about the success on the women’s side of this athletic program, specifically in volleyball and soccer.

But consistently, what sport can we call the best at PSU? I’m going to be honest with you Vikings fans, I don’t know. One thing I do know, however, is that none of them have been completely outstanding. Except golf.

I know this school isn’t known for sports, and I enjoy that about PSU. But wouldn’t it be nice to see some success at a team level from the Vikings? The golf team is great, but I think most would agree that golf is hard for spectators to get behind. The success of any sports team at PSU would be nice to see, especially since I am now a junior and things haven’t really gone the Vikings’ way in the three years I’ve been here.

So are we ready to announce that the Vikings golf squad is the best our PSU athletic program has to offer? I don’t know if I am, but it’s hard to argue with those conference championships and the success of Choi. What do you think, Vikings sports fans?

Alex Moore
PSU Vanguard